About Us

The Obstacle

When we started our platform in 2015, we aimed at solving one of the major problems of our industry, simplicity. Let’s face facts, for most people, Forex is complicated. With time, companies learned how to best explain the world of forex to new clients. But even at their best, walk-through like these range from 50 to 70 minutes per session.

The Solution

After an extensive research of user-behaviour, we managed to optimize our platform in a way that allows an agent to walk a client through the system in 5-10 minutes. This significant increase in free time allows agents to focus on R.O.I driven tasks, rather than engage in “tech-support” calls.

What’s Next

With extensive research and constant feedback from our clients, we continue to update and optimize our platform. The feedback clients give, along with their ideas and requests, help us further improve our platform. And in turn give you the tools to maximize your profits. At the moment we are working on our Social Trading Solution, creating the possibility of a whole new marketing segment and an amazing up-sale tool.